Born in 1975, I graduated with honors in Genoa in 2003 with the thesis of architectural design "DIAC. Interactive deposits of contemporary art ".
From 2001 to 2006 I worked with some architectural offices working on the design of museums, residential buildings and public spaces.
In 2007 I started my professional career working mainly to renovation of buildings, participating in numerous international design competitions.
In the context of interior design I create evocative and sensorially complexes spaces, where tradition and modernity are closely linked.
Quality research leads me to a meticulous study of details and a careful choice of materials with a frequent presence on site.
To meet the specific requirements of the client I design custom furnishings that become an integral part of the architecture.


I asked myself about what was behind that instinctual moment leading to hold my camera, why certain photos, what holds them together, what they really want to express. I did this from the pictures taken in the last few years, chosen and ordered to tell a sort of research journey, which starts from certainties, habits and becomes gradually more introspective to the point of bringing up memories and emotions.

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Main exhibitions:
- Riguardo, Spazio GmArte, Milano Photo Festival 2016
- Point of View, Made4Art, Milano 2016
- Mia Photo Fair, Milano 2017
- Freedom, Made4Art, Milano 2017